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OFFICIAL POINT OF SALE Lottery Administration 99630

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These conditions and terms regulate the contracting by internet users of the services offered through the website owned by the commercial entity Inversiones Jaiku 2017, SL (hereinafter, Lotería El Ferial 7) with registered office at 28006 Madrid (Madrid) Calle Juan Bravo, 28, 1Izq and NIF B-87812038 and registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry, on page 16, volume 35.919, page M-645362. Inversiones Jaiku is a company dedicated to the commercialization and sale of games owned by the Sociedad Estatal de Loterías y Apuestas (SELAE) through the lottery administration No. 7 of Parla (Madrid) and with authorization number 28.106.0007.

Thus, the parties to the contract will be the client, buyer or registered user of the website, who must in any case be of legal age, and Lotería El Ferial 7,


The object of this contract consists of the management of an online communication channel for the acquisition of lottery products in the Lottery Administration that owns the website, of the products marketed by SELAE and, where appropriate, the collection on behalf of the client of the prize obtained by this and other services closely linked to these activities such as consulting the results of raffles. Any other activity or action outside of the management for the validation and collection indicated, is not contemplated within the services of Lotería El Ferial 7.

Therefore, through our Web communication platform, you are not using, or in any case participating in, any type of “virtual game”. You are simply using new technologies to maintain a traditional, yet innovative, relationship with our Lottery Administration, based essentially on a professional relationship, personalized treatment and attention. There is no legal difference between the acquisition of lottery products through the Web communication platform, or by going to our lottery administration, displaying the different forms of contracting, identical legal consequences and obligations for Lotería El Ferial 7 and the client, except those that are strictly derived from the regulations applicable to the means of communication used.

It also warns that the only valid documents for the collection of prizes are the physical tickets issued by SELAE and the official receipts issued by the terminals and official SELAE validation systems, both documents with identical legal validity are the same in the possession of the client or in deposit with our lottery administration, depending on the type of contract made.

The play validation processes will always be subject to the standards, security procedures and technologies that SELAE determines and facilitates at all times.


They will acquire the condition of clients, individuals over 18 years of age, with full capacity to act and who complete the process of requesting products offered by Lotería El Ferial 7. To complete this process, it is necessary for the client to accept these General Contract Conditions (hereinafter, the GCC).

1- Online: Customer registration on the website of Lotería El Ferial 7 It may sometimes be done through the corresponding form that must be completed by the interested party in its entirety and by checking the corresponding box of acceptance of these GCC and the Privacy Policy that regulates the treatment of your personal data carried out by Lotería El Ferial7 .


The User declares and guarantees the veracity, accuracy and ownership of the data provided to Lotería El Ferial 7 and undertakes to keep them updated at all times. In particular, the user undertakes to keep the information contained in the "Personal Information" section of his user account on the website updated or, if he does not have it, to communicate reliably to Lotería El Ferial 7, as soon as possible, any change in the telephone numbers or email accounts, provided to Lotería El Ferial 7 for the provision of the service, as it is the data that is used as a form of contact and shipping address, which are critical due to the very nature of the service.

Lottery The Ferial 7 declines all responsibility that may arise from a breach by the user of the provisions above, and in particular, will be exonerated from all responsibility for damages caused by the loss of effects or messages sent in accordance with the data provided by the user .

The user account is a personal account, the user being responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account and his password, agreeing not to provide it to other people and to adopt all necessary measures to keep it secret. Lottery The Ferial 7 recommends using complex passwords of at least eight characters and including letters, numbers and other characters, as well as renewing it periodically.

Thus, as the sole person responsible for the use of your user account, any transaction carried out in it and the corresponding operations recorded in said account will be deemed to have been carried out by the client himself, producing full legal effects.


They will not be able to register as Lotería El Ferial 7, individuals who are minors or who, being of legal age, lack the capacity to act, as well as legal persons of any kind. In addition, residents of those countries in which it is expressly forbidden to participate in this type of games will not be able to register. Regardless, El Lottery Ferial 7 reserves the right to reject any registration that, in its opinion, may contravene good faith and good use of the Lottery services. Ferial 7.


The price of the products depends solely and exclusively on the price set by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, in force on the date of each draw.

Lottery The Ferial 7 will establish in a differentiated way the remuneration that corresponds to the additional steps to the price of the product, carried out for the client by third parties contracted for said tasks, such as the tasks of managing the shipment of the products. The amount of this type of additional remuneration is subject to VAT as always specified in the purchase confirmation message.

Lottery The Ferial 7, reserves the right to modify the prices of additional services at any time, previously communicating it to users.


Online shopping: Payment can be made by bank card through the payment gateway that Lotería El Ferial 7 has been enabled for this purpose or by bank transfer, following the instructions provided by Lotería El Ferial 7 in each case including the corresponding identifier of the operation.

Lottery The Ferial 7 It may incorporate the means of payment it deems appropriate into its operations and apply the costs of using them to the client, clearly warning them in advance.

The client makes a purchase order to Lotería El Ferial, leaving the play in process pending validation once the order has been made and paid. Subsequently, the client receives an email confirming the validation of the play that includes the corresponding Certificate of deposit and / or validation of the commissioned play, issued by Lotería El Ferial 7. Said certificate constitutes the proof of purchase and must be kept by the client until the actual collection of the prize that may correspond to him. Said certificate can always be accessible from the personal area, in the section my plays at

We comply with SSL protocols. In the payment gateway, the 3DSecure system is used, redirecting the data to secure servers without the merchant being able to access or store them.


Lottery The ferial 7 will assign each registered user a customer account which can be accessed by email and the access password that the user will establish when registering. The user authorizes Lotería El Ferial 7 to be able to verify in any case the verification of the data provided by the user. The user undertakes not to provide third parties with their access data to their client account, in the client account the user will find the margin of their data provided in the registration and the plays made on the website. The operations carried out from the gambling account will be deemed to have been carried out by the user himself and totally valid, so they will produce full legal effects.


Lottery The Ferial 7 reserves the right to deny operations carried out by its customers, before the products are shipped, if they should be sent, simply by notifying them and the refund of the amounts paid.

The refund will be made by reimbursing the amount to the same means of payment used to pay the price for purchases. If not possible, Lotería El Ferial 7 will require the client to provide an alternative bank account number and will require the provision of a document proving their identity and ownership of the account.

Cancellation of orders due to non-availability of the product. Lottery The Ferial 7 does not guarantee the availability of the products ordered until the moment the purchase confirmation message is sent. In the event of unavailability of the number requested by the user or the number of tickets (tenths) sufficient to satisfy their request, Lotería El Ferial 7 will inform the client of this circumstance to know if he wants an alternative number to be provided or the refund of the amount paid. If you choose to return, Lotería El Ferial 7 will return the amount to your card. If said card does not accept the refund of the amount, it will be made by bank transfer

Right of withdrawal: By virtue of article 93 c) of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, the products purchased are not subject to the right of withdrawal, by virtue of which returns or changes are not accepted once the order has been validly placed, with the exception, in the case of shipments of tenths, of losses duly verified by the transport company in charge of the themselves.


In the case of refunds of payments made by bank card, Lotería El Ferial 7 The expenses charged by the bank plus the corresponding indirect taxes will be passed on to the client.

Lottery The Ferial 7 reserves the right to deny or limit service to a customer who has recorded defaults on their account.

In the event that the client maintains an outstanding debt with Lotería El Ferial 7, you may cancel any other purchase order that you have already paid and not validated, rejoining Lotería El Ferial 7 the amount owed and the surplus remaining in the user's online account. The user may only collect as a prize, the amount that exceeds the amount of the debt. The client will also be obliged to defray all the expenses assumed by Lotería El Ferial 7 for recoveries of unpaid debts, including legal aid expenses.

Lottery The Ferial 7 reserves the right to deny the service that the client requests in the future, as long as they have outstanding debts.


Accounts inactive for more than 24 months may be blocked or canceled by Lotería El Ferial 7.


The product purchased by the client may be composed, indistinctly, of physical tickets (decimos) issued by SELAE or by official receipts issued by the terminals and official validation systems of SELAE. Both documents have identical legal validity and the receipt of one or the other does not grant the client the power to request their exchange or return.

12.1 Plays

Except for the services that explicitly include the delivery of the physical ticket, the user will receive a proof of purchase, which constitutes a certificate of ownership and a receipt of the deposit of the play. The customer expressly accepts that the purchase receipts are accessible only in electronic format from his user account.

The tickets and receipts that give the right to collect prizes are those that the user acquired through the web and that are guarded by Lotería El Ferial 7. They can be consulted by the user through the Web in the "Play" section and are also communicated through the purchase order confirmation email, although both representations of numbers are for informational purposes only, the validity of the ticket or receipt prevailing. . Lottery The Ferial 7 It is only obliged to pay the prizes that correspond to the tickets and safeguards in custody acquired by its clients, and cannot guarantee the absence of errors in their representations on computer media.

Tickets or receipts are kept during their validity period, three months from the date of the draw. As a result of the tickets, receipts or tenths may correspond to more than one holder, they can only be displayed to the user in case of litigation or formal claims before the Customer Service Center, and only for the purpose of being sent scanned to the address user electronics, always within the period indicated above. This service will cost 30 euros (VAT included), and in no case will it be appropriate if said ticket, receipt or tenth has been awarded. Likewise, they will not be displayed or sent if they are required to participate in parallel promotional actions organized by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (LAE) or other promoters.

Play Cancellation: Users will not be able to request the cancellation of plays made once they have been validated by the lottery administration, which takes place practically immediately.

Lottery The Ferial 7 reserves the right to cancel purchases not sent to validate that they are unpaid, as well as in cases in which, having made the payment, the user has debts with Lotería El Ferial 7, or when in your opinion there is a risk of breaching the policy of use of the Lottery service. Ferial 7 or there are signs of fraud (by way of example, payments with dubious cards, unavailability of the number or any other problem in the management). In these cases, Lotería El Ferial 7 will communicate such circumstance in writing to the interested party before the corresponding draw is held.

12.4 Participations

Lottery The Ferial 7 It does not sell shares, but only offers the service to its clients so that they can market them under the conditions allowed by the regulations, making the necessary technology available to them for this purpose.

12.5 Authorizations to collect prizes

The User authorizes Lotería El Ferial 7 for the collection of all their prizes in order to avoid that the prizes may expire, even in those cases in which the User has a higher prize and is either not located, or does not send the requested documentation on time to manage the collection. Said authorization for the collection does not entail an obligation for Lotería El Ferial 7.

12.6 Donations

Some of the plays that are marketed on the El Lotería website Ferial 7 may include the making of a donation that in no case will be for Lotería El Ferial 7, but for the corresponding beneficiary entity that is identified on the website. Lottery The Ferial 7 will assist its users in the management of obtaining certificates accrediting the making of donations. To this end, it will communicate the personal data of the users who request a certificate to the beneficiary entity that will be responsible for issuing it.

12.7 Collection of prizes

The client expressly authorizes Lotería El Ferial 7 (directly or through a delegate) so that, on their behalf and / or representation, they manage the collection of the prizes corresponding to their purchases. For this purpose, Lotería El Ferial 7 may provide collaborating entities or competent or authorized bodies, your personal data (including bank data for collection purposes and that have been registered in Lotería El Ferial 7). The prizes obtained by the user, once they have been calculated by Lotería El Ferial 7, will be entered in the online account.

The amount of the prizes is transferred in its entirety to the users' online account, except, where appropriate, the corresponding tax withholdings according to current legislation.

Why Lottery El Ferial 7 can make the transfer of the prizes won by customers, users must proceed as follows:

If the prizes to be collected are for an amount less than two thousand euros (€ 2000), the client must access the Lotería El Ferial 7 and select the option "Collect Prizes" to order the bank transfer for an amount equal to or less than the prize, making the transfer effective within the following three business days, according to the Parla (Madrid) business calendar. Lottery The Ferial 7 reserves the right to request the user, prior to payment of the prize and through the means chosen by Lotería El Ferial 7, legible and valid copy of the NIF / NIE, passport and original bank certificate (not copy) of ownership of the bank account that proves that it is the same person as the one that appears on the certificate of ownership of the winning ticket.

Payment of minor prizes can only be made to SEPA accounts. In the case of bank accounts outside of Spanish territory, payment may not be free, with all bank charges being the responsibility of the user. These payments can only be ordered if they are for an amount greater than € 50.

If the prizes to be collected are for an amount greater than two thousand euros (€ 2000), the client must send, prior to the payment of the prize (as a necessary condition so that the total or partial amount of the prize can be transferred to their account bank) and by the means chosen by Lotería El Ferial 7, legible and valid copy of your NIF / NIE, passport, original bank certificate of ownership of the bank account that proves that it is the same person as the one that appears on the certificate of ownership of the winning ticket, as well as the power of attorney of representation granted in favor of Lotería El Ferial 7, which empowers him to collect the prize on his behalf. The documents must be originals (not copies). The payment of prizes greater than two thousand euros (€ 2000) will only be made to a bank account in Spain in the name of the user account holder. If the user does not have a bank account in Spain, he must open an account in his name so that we can manage the payment of the jackpot.

Once the documentation has been received and validated by Lotería El Ferial 7, the client will be notified by telephone or by email of the receipt and acceptance of the same, being able to order at this time the bank transfer for the collection of their prize. The transfer will be effective within thirty (30) following business days, according to the Parla (Madrid) business calendar.

All expenses generated by the collection of the prize will be paid by the client.

Only when the winning ticket or tenth belongs exclusively to a client, he may also go to the physical establishment of Lotería El Ferial 7 and withdraw the ticket or tenth in custody to manage the collection itself, without prejudice to the fact that it will also be necessary to verify the identity of the client.

The payment of prizes to bank accounts outside of Spanish territory will not be free, and all bank charges will be borne by the user, in addition, such payments can only be made if they are for an amount greater than € 50.


In the services that explicitly include the sending of tickets and plays, Lotería El Ferial 7 strives to employ the most reputable transport companies to carry out shipments, requiring them that shipments be made in 24/48 hours, although it is well known that this activity is not free of errors and problems in deliveries.

Lottery The Ferial 7 cannot assume any responsibility for delays attributable to transport companies, although the Client may claim to Lotería El Ferial 7 in the event that due to errors in shipments:

(i) the purchased product will not be delivered to the recipient:

Once the transport company has verified Lotería El Ferial 7 the loss, Lotería El Ferial 7 will agree with the customer to send (i) another equal product that is available (eg another tenth of the same number), (ii) an alternative product if the requested one is out of stock or (iii) the refund of the price paid.

(ii) the product sent does not correspond to the one requested:

Lottery The Ferial 7 will do everything in its power to replace the products for which they were requested, if there is still availability, to replace them with others from what is available or to manage the return of the same and the refund of the price paid.

In no case will Lotería El Ferial 7 any responsibility for prizes that may have corresponded to (i) a lost product or (ii) a product requested and not shipped.

Given the characteristics of the product purchased, claims that involve returns and reshipments of products that are made less than 14 days prior to the holding of the draw corresponding to the products purchased cannot be addressed.

In case of impossibility of delivery to the Client of the purchased products, they will be returned to Lotería El Ferial 7. The Customer will be responsible for the payment of the costs caused by a second shipment when the first has not been made for reasons attributable to the Customer, such as, without being exhaustive, the erroneous introduction of data or delivery instructions or due to absence of the address at the time. Of the delivery. Client and Lottery The Ferial 7 They will understand the information provided by the transport company to be true about the circumstances that occur in the product delivery process.

The courier service is subcontracted to a company outside Inversiones Jaiku 2017 SL.


Lottery The Ferial 7 assumes no responsibility for:

(i) The operation of its Websites when any causes beyond the control of Lotería El Ferial 7 and that cause the Websites to not be fully operational, or eventually lack the minimum functionality to manage the relevant service.

(ii) The unauthorized use of the username and password assigned to the bettor or the use of false or incorrect data.

(iii) Errors made by the User when entering data when participating in the games and lotteries contracted.

(iv) The improbable but possible printing failures that exist in the communications that are sent, considering only the tickets and receipts in custody as valid.

(v) Possible errors or security deficiencies that may occur due to the use, by the User, of a browser of an outdated or insecure version, as well as by the activation of the devices for preserving passwords or identification codes of the user registered in the browser or damages, errors or inaccuracies that may arise from its malfunction.

(vi) Damages of any nature caused by illegal or fraudulent acts committed by users or third parties and that other users may suffer except for the fault or intent of Lotería El Ferial 7.

(vii) Damages caused as a consequence, direct or indirect, of the breach by the User of these General Conditions, reserving Lotería El Ferial 7 those actions to which there is a right to before the pertinent judicial or police authorities.

(viii) Damages that may be caused by the information transmitted through its websites or in its electronic communications, including, without limitation, involuntary technical or human errors in the published data.

(ix) Regulatory Changes in the Regulation of products operated by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado or administrative and / or judicial resolutions that have a significant impact on the services provided by Lotería El Ferial 7 its customers.


Lottery The Ferial 7 guarantees to all its clients the maximum reserve and secrecy, especially in the registration, gaming and prize collection processes, leaving all operations carried out by the user subject to a strict duty of confidentiality of Lotería El Ferial 7 and of all the employees who work in the company. All of the above, without prejudice to any legal or judicial requirements that may proceed, and to which Lotería El Ferial 7 be bound.


The owner may modify the conditions stipulated in these General Contract Conditions at any time, indicating such circumstance prominently on the website These conditions will be in force until they are modified by later and duly published ones.


The applicable Law in case of dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms and conditions of these General Contracting Conditions, as well as the questions related to the services that are regulated in these, will be the Spanish one. For the resolution of any conflict or controversy that may arise during the visit to the website or the use of the services that may be offered on it, the owner and the user agree to submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (Madrid) .


If you have any questions about these General Conditions of Contract, you can contact us through the following email address: [email protected]. Any claim received will be dealt with within the period of one month established by Spanish consumer regulations.

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