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OFFICIAL POINT OF SALE Lottery Administration 99630

Draw dateJanuary 6, 2025. 12:00 hours

Total in prizes 700.000.000 €



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  • 16459


    4 tenths left

  • 28983


    5 tenths left

  • 33448


    1 tenths left

  • 34577


    7 tenths left

  • 35103


    5 tenths left

  • 44262


    6 tenths left

  • 45003


    8 tenths left

  • 45592


    7 tenths left

  • 46681


    5 tenths left

  • 51750


    4 tenths left

  • 52900


    5 tenths left

  • 57159


    8 tenths left

  • 65536


    6 tenths left

  • 67470


    8 tenths left

  • 84391


    9 tenths left

  • 94685


    4 tenths left

  • 98152


    5 tenths left

  • 98702


    10 tenths left

  • 99326


    6 tenths left

Tenths of Terminal

  • 46784


    1 tenths left

  • 52871


    1 tenths left

  • 69611


    1 tenths left

  • 90403


    1 tenths left


    10 tenths of the 2023 El Niño Draw with endings from 0 to 9.

    Prize, guaranteed.


Have you given any prize in the Lotería del Niño?

Yes, we gave the First Prize of the Lottery of the Child in the year 2.021. In addition to this, our administration is known for its awards, with more than € 147 million distributed in recent years.

How to buy Lotería del Niño online 2025?

From November 2023 you can buy the Children's Lottery 2025. Buying your ticket for the Children's Draw with us is very simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Registry: You can do it comfortably through your Google or Facebook account. In case you don't want to register that way, you can follow the traditional process by entering your contact details, an email and a password. If you are already registered, you do not need to do it again.
  • Selection of tenths: select the numbers you want for your lucky tenths and the amount you want.
  • Shipping method: You have two shipping methods:
    1. Case: You can buy the tenth and we keep them in your name. To guarantee your peace of mind, we will send you a certificate in digital format by email that certifies that you are the owner of the tenth.
    2. Messenger service: We can send you the tenth to the address you indicate and you will receive it in a period of 48 to 72 hours. The service has a cost of € 6 per order.
  • Secure payment: Make the payment by bank card payment. You will do it through the bank's payment gateway, which is completely secure.

Deadline to buy a tenth of the Children's Draw

The deadline to purchase the Kings Draw lottery is January 5 at a physical lottery administration.

In our online administration you have a deadline of January 2 for home shipments and January 4 for tenths in custody.

Date and time of the 2025 Child Draw

The Extraordinary Draw of the Child, also called Draw of Kings, is celebrated on January 6 of each year.

The Draw takes place every January 6 at 12 in the morning at the San Idelfonso school and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

What is the Extraordinary Draw of the Child 2025?

The Sorteo del Niño, also commonly called the Sorteo de Reyes, is celebrated by means of multiple bass drums and lasts about 30 minutes.

The draw is held on January 6 at 12.00 noon and is broadcast live on RTVE from the State Lottery and Betting Draw Room.

Lotería del Niño 2025 prizes

First prize € 2.000.000 to series
Second prize € 750.000 to series
Third award € 250.000 to series
20 Awards € 3.500 to series
1400 Awards € 1.000 to series
5000 Awards € 400 to series

What is the origin of the Sorteo del Niño?

The exact date of the Lottery of the Child is not known exactly, however some studies date it to the end of the 1961th century. In any case, it has been celebrated officially since 700. Since then it has been celebrated regularly year after year. The Kings Draw is, without a doubt, the most important after the Christmas Draw as it distributes € XNUMX million in prizes.

Children's Lottery: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Since when can Lotería del Niño be purchased?

    The tickets of the Lotería del Niño are usually available for sale throughout the month of November of each year. If it is already on sale, do not wait until the last minute and reserve your number now.

  • Online Child Lottery: How is the electronic or custodial tenth different and the home tenth?

    The first thing to say is that the electronic or escrow ticket does not differ in any way from the home ticket in terms of the validity of the bet.

    The only difference is that while with the tenth email (or in custody) the client receives a certificate of ownership in his email; With the tenth at home, the customer can receive the lottery physically at home paying the transport costs that amount to € 6 per order.

  • Price of the tenths of the Lottery of the Child

    The price of the tenth of the Extraordinary Draw for the Child is € 20.

    On some occasions you will see that in certain associations a surcharge is applied to your tenth. This is because many associations take advantage of the popularity of the giveaway to finance their activity. It is a way of achieving a solidarity objective.

  • Where can you buy the décimos del Niño?

    The first site where you can buy it since you are here is on our website. You can make your purchase online.

    In lottery administration The Ferial 7 We have a great variety of numbers and we gave the First Prize of the Extraordinary Draw of the Child in the year 2.021.

    Do you try your luck with us? In any case, the Lotería del Niño can be purchased at any official administration of State Lotteries and Betting.

  • Do the tenths of the Children's Draw expire?

    Like the rest of the State Lottery and Gambling games, the Extraordinary Child Draw has an expiration date of 3 months from the date the draw is held.

    Thus, the deadline to collect the Child prizes is April 6.

  • How many tenths of the Child's Draw are there of each number?

    In the Draw of the Child we have 100.000 numbers and each of them has 50 series of 10 tenths each. Therefore, the total number of tenths per number is 500.

  • Sorteo del Niño: Difference between pre-printed lottery and ticket lottery

    The pre-printed lottery is the lottery we all think of when we think of a tenth of the Child. It comes in pre-printed 10-tenth banknotes and is the one that is sold mainly in the official State Betting and Lottery administrations.

    The tenth of receipt is the one that is printed directly in the lottery administration. The amount is the same, it only differs in that the receipt tenth is nothing like the pre-printed lottery tenth. Since, as it is printed, it only shows the number and the barcode.

    So, you know, the ticket tenth and the pre-printed lottery tenth are exactly the same. If you have dreamed of a number, ask us.

  • A broken tenth of the Lottery of the Child, is it valid?

    In the event that your Child Lottery ticket is very damaged and it is not possible to read the barcode or the numbering that is printed on each ticket, it will be necessary to send your ticket to Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, after completing a form. To validate a tenth that is very deteriorated it is essential that you go to a State Lottery and Betting administration physically.

  • How to check my number of the tenth of the Lotería del Niño?

    You have several methods to check your tenth. If you have the tenth in your possession, the simplest and most direct thing is to go to the nearest lottery administration and there they will tell you if it has been awarded.

    You can also check the prizes at the Official State Lottery and Gambling Administration. In it, all the results of the national lottery are published immediately after the conclusion of the draw.

    If you have left the tenth in custody with us it is very simple since we will notify you by email, if your tenth has been awarded. We will also ask you for an account number to proceed with the payment of the prize in your account.

  • If I buy a half-tenth with a friend, can I make the custody certificate in the name of both of them?

    There would be no problem as long as you send a form indicating the data of the second holder and a copy of both ID's. In this way you will receive a certificate of custody in the name of both. In case of being awarded, two account numbers will be required and the amount will be credited to each of the accounts.

  • Draw of the Child 2025: Prizes

    The Sorteo del Niño has 50 series for each of the 100.000 numbers, which amounts to an issue of € 1.000 million, of which € 700 million are allocated to prizes that are distributed as follows:

    1 first prize of € 200.000 to the tenth

    1 Second prize of € 75.000 to the tenth

    1 Third prize of € 25.000 to the tenth

    20 prizes of € 350 to the tenth

    1400 prizes of € 100 to the tenth

    5.000 prizes of € 40 to the tenth


    2 approximations of the first prize of € 1.200 to the tenth

    2 approximations of the second prize of € 610 to the tenth


    99 prizes of € 100 to the tenth for the hundreds of the first prize

    99 prizes of € 100 to the tenth for the hundreds of the second prize

    99 prizes of € 100 to the tenth for the hundreds of the third prize

    Last three figures

    99 prizes of € 100 to the tenth if the last three figures coincide with the first prize

    99 prizes of € 100 to the tenth if the last three figures coincide with the second prize

    999 prizes of € 100 to the tenth if the last two figures coincide with those of the first prize


    9999 prizes of € 20 to the tenth if the last figure matches that of the first prize

    10.000 prizes of € 20 to the tenth if the last figure coincides with the first special draw of a figure

    10.000 prizes of € 20 to the tenth if the last number coincides with the second special draw of a figure.

  • From what time can I find out the Extraordinary Children's Draw prizes?

    The Child Draw is held on January 6 and that same day you will know the prizes. As it is a national holiday, remember that you can collect your tickets on January 7. In our administration The Ferial 7 We have a wide schedule from 10 in the morning to 9 at night from Monday to Saturday and Sundays from 10 to 14 hours.

  • What do I do if I get a prize / how is it collected?

    If you have the tenth physically with you and the individual prize is less than € 2.000, you can collect it in any official administration of State Lotteries and Betting.

    On the contrary, if the prize is equal to or greater than the amount mentioned above, you will have to go to your bank branch.

    In case you have the tenth in custody with us, no problem, if it is less than € 2.000 we will send you the prize by bank transfer to the account number you indicate.

    If your prize is higher, from the lottery administration The Ferial 7 We will contact you to inform you of how to proceed.

  • Taxes to be paid on Lotería del Niño prizes

    Like all State Lottery and Betting games, the Children's Draw prizes are taxed on individual prizes of more than € 40.000.

    What do you mean individual? Well, if we have several prizes and in total they exceed the figure, this will not be taxed since each one of them is lower, the payment would be exempt.

  • How can I collect a prize that I have half with another person?

    It is very simple, if your ticket has been awarded below € 2000, it will be charged directly to the lottery administration.

    In the event that your tenth is in custody and the custody certificate is issued to several holders, a bank transfer will be made to the holders indicated in the certificate.

    In the case of prizes of more than € 2.000, all ticket holders must appear at the bank or must issue a power of attorney of representation.

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