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Buy Christmas Lottery Online 2024

OFFICIAL POINT OF SALE Lottery Administration 99630

Draw dateDecember 22, 2024. 9:00 am

Total in prizes 2.590.000.000 €

Play the Christmas Lottery Draw


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Buy Christmas lottery online: a safe and comfortable option to participate in the draw

Buy Christmas Lottery online 2024 It's very easy in El Lottery Ferial 7. find your number of luck and buy your ticket from the El Gordo Raffle for December 22, 2024. Forget about queuing and play the Christmas Lottery online.

Buying the Christmas lottery online offers convenience and ease when participating in the draw. With the possibility of choosing the number of tenths you want, this option is presented as a safe and practical alternative. Find out more about how to buy Christmas lottery online and all its advantages. Don't forget that when purchasing the Christmas lottery online it is essential to play responsibly.

And if it touches here? Good luck!

How to buy Christmas Lottery 2024 online?

Buying the Christmas Lottery online is completely safe and reliable, as well as being very simple. Play the Christmas lottery with Him Ferial 7 It's very easy, you just have to follow these steps:

1.- Choose the numbers and the amount of Christmas tenths you want: In lottery administration The Ferial 7 We have a wide variety of 5-digit numbers (tenths) at your disposal so you can choose the one you like the most. You must also tell us the number of tenths you want to play. If you cannot find the number you are looking for when purchasing the Christmas lottery, write to us on WhatsApp or through our contact form and we will try to give you the best possible solution.

2.- Register on our website: The registration for the purchase of the Christmas Lottery online is necessary on our website. You can easily do it through your Gmail or Facebook account, otherwise you will have to follow the manual process. If you already have an account with us, you will only have to access with your username and password.

3.- Shipping method: In Lottery Ferial 7 We have three shipping methods: the traditional delivery of lottery tickets to your home, the tenths in custody or electronically, or collection at our lottery administration. No matter which system you choose, each tenth costs 20 euros. The same as you would pay if you bought them in person at our lottery administration and without queues!

  • Tenth in custody or electronic, at no additional cost, and with all the security guarantees for the client. The future of the Christmas Lottery is now in your hands. The Tenth in custody or electronic allows you to play without queues, or commissions, or any other hassle. You just have to connect to the internet and buy the tenths you want from our online store. These will be kept securely at Lotería El Ferial 7. We will send you, via mail, a certificate that authenticates that you are the owner. The fastest way that has ever existed... buying them in our online lottery administration.
    How will you collect the raffle prize? It all depends on the amount you have won. If they have been less than 2.000 euros, you just have to tell us in which account the prize must be deposited. If it is more than 2000 euros, we will tell you what you have to do to collect it.
  • Shipping by courier service or tenth at home. Do you want us to send it home? If you buy a tenth of Christmas, Lottery El Feríal 7 we will send it to you within a period of 48 – 72 hours. However, you will have to pay extra for shipping.
  • They can also be picked up at our official point of sale in Parla (Madrid).

Advantages of buying your 2024 Christmas tenth online

The main advantages of buying your ticket online for the Christmas lottery draw with us are:

  • We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Buy the tenth of Christmas you want immediately
  • Access our 5-digit numbers (tenth) exclusively for online sale
  • Save shipping costs with our custody certificates
  • Avoid unnecessary travel
  • Do not wait in long lines to buy your Christmas Lottery
  • Unify all your personal or group tickets on the same platform

How much does a 2024 Christmas Lottery ticket cost?

El tenth for the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery has a price of €20. The series or ticket (10 tenths) is worth €200.

Christmas Lottery Draw 2024

And in a very short time, the long-awaited Christmas Lottery Draw 2024 will finally arrive. On December 22, we will all have a little pinch in the belly when we hear the drums spin and the children of San Idelfonso sing the lucky numbers of the draw. The Christmas Lottery draw has many years of history, distributes €2.590.000.000 in prizes and is known worldwide. The 2024 Christmas Lottery has 100.000 numbers from 00000 to 99999.

In which draw am I going to play?

In the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery that is played every year on December 22. We take this opportunity to wish you good luck!

Deadline to buy a Christmas Lottery ticket in 2024

The deadline to buy the Christmas Lottery in a physical lottery administration is the day before the draw: December 21, 2024.

If you want to buy some of our numbers to play the Christmas lottery online, keep in mind that we close courier shipments on December 21 at 12 noon and orders for custody on December 21, 2024 at 19 p.m.

Date and time of the 2024 Christmas Gordo Draw?

The Christmas Lottery Draw is held every year on December 22 in the assembly hall of the San Idelfonso school. The doors of the hall open at 8.00:9.15 a.m., access is free until full capacity is reached, and at 200:XNUMX a.m. the draw formally begins. You can see it through TVE (Spanish television). It lasts approximately three hours, although sometimes it can be a bit longer. As it is a draw held in the traditional way, El Gordo can be long in coming, since the prize pool contains XNUMX balls and only one corresponds to the first prize. This ball can be the first or the last depending on chance.

Search Christmas Lottery 2024

If you are looking for the number that brings you luck, if you are looking for a specific number or you have seen in a dream the number that is going to play in the Christmas Gordo, we can help you. you can put it in the Finder of tenths of the Christmas Lottery 2024 that we have and choose the number you want. You will see if we have the Christmas Raffle number you are looking for or a similar one. Otherwise, you can always contact us so we can find that long-awaited number for you.

How do you play the Christmas Giveaway?

Playing the Christmas Lottery is very easy, you just have to select the number that you like the most among all those available. In our administration we have all the terminations from 00 to 99. Once you have acquired the number of the Christmas Lottery that you like, you just have to wait for the draw to take place on December 22 of each year.

Christmas Raffle Prizes 2024

This year €2.590M will be distributed, which is why it is one of the events of the year. The 2024 Christmas Lottery Gordo prize is 4 million euros to the series. You can touch €400.000 to the tenth. The Extraordinary Christmas Raffle is one of the raffles that distributes the most prizes. In total, the prizes of the Christmas Draw amount to 70% of the issue. Next, we leave you the details of prizes.

First prize (el Gordo) Endowed with €400.000 per tenth.
Second prize endowed with €125.000 per tenth
Third prize endowed with €50.000 per tenth
Two fourth prizes endowed with €20.000 per tenth
Eight fifth prizes with €6.000 per tenth
1794 stones with €100 per tenth

Approximations (numbers before and after the awards)

  • Approach first prize endowed with € 2.000 to the tenth
  • Approach second prize endowed with € 1.250 to the tenth
  • Approach third prize endowed with € 960 to the tenth

Hundreds (The first three digits of your tenth match that of one of the prizes)

  • 99 prizes of hundreds of the first prize endowed with € 100 to the tenth
  • 99 prizes of hundreds of the second prize endowed with € 100 to the tenth
  • 99 prizes of hundreds of the third prize endowed with € 100 to the tenth
  • 99 prizes of hundreds of the two fourth prizes with € 100 to the tenth


  • 999 prizes for the numbers whose last two figures match those of the first prize: €100 for the tenth
  • 999 prizes for the numbers whose last two figures match those of the second prize: €100 for the tenth
  • 999 prizes for the numbers whose last two figures match those of the third prize: €100 for the tenth
  • 9999 refund prizes to the numbers whose last figure matches that of the first prize: €20 for the tenth

The lottery draw that distributes the most prizes worldwide with €2.590.000.000

The Christmas Raffle is not only famous in Spain, but also internationally. Many people from other countries choose to buy Christmas Lottery from abroad. It has become known throughout the world!

Our dream is to win the first prize, the Christmas Jackpot, the 400.000 euros for the tenth of the Christmas Lottery Draw. However, in addition to the Gordo, the Christmas Raffle gives more prizes.

If you are going to buy the Christmas Lottery from outside of Spain, it must be clear that physical tenths cannot be sent. However, you can buy Christmas lottery online from any country that allows lottery purchases.

In the case of buying a Christmas lottery online, the tenth would be electronic or it would remain in custody, that is, we would keep it in our lottery administration. If you live in Spain, you can opt for the Christmas lottery shipment.

Check if a tenth of the Christmas Lottery has been awarded

From our online lottery store Ferial 7 We inform you if your tenth of the Christmas Lottery has been awarded in this El Gordo 2024 Draw if you have chosen to buy your electronic tenth. In addition, they will always be collated with the official results of State Lotteries and Bets.

Choose your tenth now and play to win the number of prizes that are given in the 2024 Christmas Lottery Draw. Good luck!

Follow all the news about the 2024 Christmas Draw

Both on our website and on our social networks you can stay up to date with everything related to the Christmas Lottery. Furthermore, on the same day of the draw, December 22, we will announce the winning numbers. In addition, on the official SELAE website you will find detailed information about the game modes, regulations, prizes and draws of the online Christmas lottery.

Have you given any prizes in your lottery administration?

In the Ferial 7 We have given the Jackpot of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw in 2023. Likewise, in our lottery administration we have given many prizes throughout our history, for example the First Prize of the Extraordinary Draw of the Child of the year 2.021. Also the Third Prize of the Saturday Lottery in the year 2.020. And in 2022 we have given €45.209,36 in the bonus lottery.

Where has El Gordo de Navidad played the most times?

Throughout its history, the Christmas Lottery has distributed many millions in Spain. Madrid is the luckiest city where the first prize of the Christmas Gordo has fallen the most times, a total of 81 times. According to data from the State Lotteries and Betting Society (SELAE), the second city in Spain with the greatest fortune is Barcelona, ​​followed by Seville and Bilbao.

In addition, the Christmas Gordo has also been distributed in the province of Madrid among its localities: Aranjuez, Parla, Torrejón de Velasco, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Fuenlabrada, Humanes, Pinto, Colmenar Viejo, Collado Villalba and Leganés.

Our administration Ferial 7 has distributed many millions throughout its history and a lot of money in the Fat Christmas .

In the 2024 Christmas Lottery Draw we want to continue handing out luck and many millions to all our customers. What if he plays here and you become the lucky one?

What will be the winning number of the 2024 Christmas lottery?

There are some numbers that are luckier than others, and that is that they tend to appear more often in El Gordo de Navidad. The first we find is el 5, and it is that the first prize of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw has ended up to 32 times in this figure. Then we find the 4 and the 6, that have come out 27 times in El Gordo.

The 8, the 0 and the 3 They cannot be left behind, since they have been awarded 22 times. In this list it happens el 7 that has managed to be up to 20 times the most graceful number in the Christmas draw.

These numbers are considered the luckiest. Have you already bought yours?

What is the origin of the Christmas Lottery Draw?

Did you know that the first National Lottery Draw was held in 1812? It has been more than 200 years since that first draw created by the Crown to finance its battered coffers in the midst of a conflict with Napoleon's armed forces. That first Lottery winner paid 40 reais and won 80.000 reais.

Today, the Extraordinary Christmas Giveaway is, without a doubt, a giveaway that arouses passions. It has become a social phenomenon to which we all associate the beginning of Christmas. The Christmas Lottery is one of the draws that distributes the most prizes with up to € 2.408 million destined for prizes. Families, friends, co-workers, neighbors or acquaintances are encouraged to play the Christmas Draw together with the common hope of celebrating December 22 at the door of their “El Gordo” lottery administration.

The Christmas Draw has been held in Madrid since 1963 at the San Idelfonso school, where it is a tradition for schoolchildren, known as “Niños del Colegio de San Idelfonso” to sing the awards. The doors of the assembly hall open on December 22 at 8 in the morning so that anyone who wants to enjoy this draw live can do so, of course, until full capacity is reached. The draw officially begins at 9.15 in the morning in a festive atmosphere with anticipation for the great prizes. Despite the atmosphere of joy, the draw is carried out under strict control that guarantees the legality and rigor of the entire process, being reviewed down to the smallest detail as all the balls are fully balanced, in fact, they all weigh exactly the same. Once the two drums are closed with all the numbers and prizes… the luck begins!

Announcement of the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw 2024

Impatient to see what's coming this year 2024 for the Christmas campaign.




Christmas Lottery: Frequently Asked Questions

  • From when are the Christmas Lottery tickets sold?

    The Christmas Lottery begins to be sold throughout the month of July of each year. The most representative numbers are those that are sold before, so don't leave it until the last day and buy the number that you like the most.

  • Online Christmas Lottery: Difference between a tenth in custody (electronic) and a tenth at home

    Our administration offers two different shipping methods to suit all needs:

    • Tenth in custody without any shipping cost or handling fee. After the purchase you will receive a certificate proving that you are the owner of the tenth. We for our part will keep your tenth in the safe and after the Gordo Draw we will notify you if your tenth has been awarded. This is the preferred shipping method for our customers who play tenths with other people, in this way all the owners of the tenth have their share safely.
    • Shipping by courier service. If you prefer the traditional option and have it at home, we will send it to you by courier at home with an additional cost of 6 Euros within a period of between 48 and 72 hours.
  • Price of the tenths of the Christmas Lottery

    The price of a ticket for the Extraordinary Christmas Draw is € 20.

    Sometimes you will find tickets outside lottery administrations at € 23. This is because many organizations, NGOs and sports associations apply a small surcharge to the tenth in the form of a donation.

  • Where to buy Christmas tickets?

    Tenths of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw can be purchased at official state lottery administrations, such as El Ferial 7.

    Keep in mind that you will find lottery administrations where they print the tickets for you. These are mixed lottery administrations and the value and amount of the tenths is the same as that of the traditional ones.

    You will also find businesses where they sell national lottery with a certain surcharge, these are numbers normally associated with associations that use this small surcharge as a means of financing.

    Likewise, you can buy the Christmas Lottery tickets in an online store, like ours. We are an official point and we offer you all the confidence and security you need when buying your number.


  • Do the Christmas tenths expire?

    All SELAE prizes have a fixed expiration date of 3 months after the draw is held. Therefore, the tenths of the Extraordinary Christmas Giveaway expire on March 22 of each year. Therefore, we recommend that you check the tickets on secure online platforms or in any official lottery administration. If you have tickets at home without checking, go to the nearest administration to check if it is awarded ...

  • How many tenths of Christmas are there of each number?

    The Christmas Lottery has 172 tickets and each ticket has 10 lottery tickets. Therefore, there are 1.720 tenths of every number.

    Taking into account that there are 100.000 numbers in the drum, the total amount of the entire Christmas Lottery is € 2.520 million. On the other hand, the amount distributed by the Jackpot is € 400.000 per tenth, so if we multiply the 1.720 tenths by the first prize. We have that El Gordo distributes in total… 688 M €!

  • What are the voucher tickets for the Christmas Giveaway?

    The receipt tenths are the tenths that are printed directly from the point of sale. They have exactly the same value and validity as a pre-printed lottery ticket. The ticket tenth is searched directly in the state lottery and betting database so, if it is available, it is obtained immediately. So if you have a hunch and are looking for a specific number, remember that you can request the number you want and we will try to locate it for you.

  • How to get the Christmas Lottery number you are looking for?

    In our lottery administration Ferial 7 We have many Christmas Lottery numbers so you can buy the one you like the most. If you can't find the number you want, and you want one in particular, for example Doña Manolita or the Golden Witch, write to us by WhatsApp or through our contact form and we will give you the best solution.

  • A broken tenth of the Christmas Lottery, is it valid?

    In the event that a lottery ticket has been damaged, the first thing you have to do is go to a lottery administration where they will ask you for the ticket. If it turns out that it is not machine-readable and the digit code printed on the tenth cannot be read, it will have to be sent to Loterías y Apuestas del Estado to verify the authenticity of the tenth. To do this, you must fill in a form that the lottery administration must provide you. In this form you must indicate your personal and contact information. If you initiate this procedure, you must bear in mind that, in order to minimize the risk of fraud, SELA will not pay said prize until three months after the draw was held to ensure that it has not been collected in other ways.

  • Christmas Giveaway: Prizes

    First prize € 4.000.000 to series
    Second prize € 1.250.000 to series
    Third award € 500.000 to series
    Two Fourth Prizes € 200.000 to series
    Eight Fifth Awards € 60.000 to series
  • What is the stone of the Christmas Lottery?

    La pedrea is the prize given in the extraordinary Christmas Lottery draw on December 22, with 1.000 euros per series, that is, 100 euros per tenth. The pedrea includes 1.794 prizes.

  • From what time can I find out the prizes of the Extraordinary Christmas Giveaway?

    The Christmas Giveaway is held on December 22 and that same day you will know the prizes.

    Therefore, starting at 16:00 p.m. on December 22, you will be able to collect your prize from our administration.

  • What do I do if I get a prize? How is it charged?

    It will depend on the amount of the prize:

    If it is a prize greater than € 2.000, you must collect it directly through your bank. If this is your case, and you need help, contact us and we will explain all the steps you must follow to collect your prize.

    If your prize is below € 2.000, you can collect it directly from any official state lottery and betting administration. Keep in mind that, according to the new regulations on cash payments, if the amount of the prize to be collected is greater than € 1.000, the payment must be made by bank transfer.

  • Taxes to be paid on Christmas Lottery prizes

    The current tax that must be paid is 20% of the total amount of the prize only for those prizes over € 40.000. All prizes less than that amount are exempt from tax. Thus, for example, if you are the lucky winner of the first prize, you are entitled to € 400.000 per tenth of which the tax would have to be subtracted, resulting in € 328.000. To make this calculation, keep in mind that the first € 40.000 is not taxed.

  • What is the cash prize payment limit?

    According to the regulations approved in 2.021, the limit for cash payments of lottery prizes is € 1.000. This means that for prizes greater than that amount, the payment of the prizes will be made by bank transfer.

  • Do you know what a Christmas lottery ticket is?

    A tenth, as its name suggests, is the tenth part of a lottery ticket (made up of ten tenths that have the same number and belong to the same series). This is the minimum necessary to be able to participate in the Christmas Lottery draw.

    In the tenths there is a number that is the one you play with in the Christmas Lottery Draw and that you can buy at an authorized lottery point of sale.

  • Where is the Christmas Lottery going to play this year?

    There is always someone who thinks they know where the jackpot will fall. But while it may seem like there is a way to predict this information, no one can actually tell you for sure whether or not your guess was correct.

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